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Seals – no kangaroos – on Kangaroo Island

Wonderful weekend in Kangaroo Island! This island is in South Australia, a mere 30 minute- flight from Adelaide. It’s big, there are very few people – the odd tourist – and it’s full of animals. We didn’t see any kangaroos because we didn’t drive at night, but lots of birds, and a 1,000 seal colony that lives there permanently. Kangaroo Island is also famous for its great white sharks (they love seals), so no swimming too far from the shore! There are also wonderful sand dunes called Little Sahara. Highly recommended for a short break.











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Jervis Bay, Australia

As I’m about to move back home to Australia, I’ve just realised that I haven’t posted that many photos of Australia. It’s such a beautiful place that one has to wonder why. I suppose it’s just because as with most places where you’ve lived, I actually don’t have too many pictures of home. I have a few interesting ones though, and I will post them in the near future. I have a Christmas trip planned to some wonderful places in Tasmania this year, so I will make sure to get some snaps. Meanwhile, here are a few of Jervis Bay, a three-hour drive South of Sydney. Jervis Bay is a very natural place with a huge national park and many wild animals. You are bound to see lots of kangaroos, parrots but also seals and dolphins. The sand is said to be the whitest in the world, and truth be told, it almost hurts the eyes on a sunny day. I love it there, as I am sure you would too!

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