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Flowers in Lorraine, France

It’s funny how sometimes you are so used to seeing things that your eyes just glaze over them. Going back to Lorraine in North East France last summer – which is where I grew up – I rode my bike everywhere and it allowed me to take the time to rediscover things. I remember that when I was little, the sides of the roads were covered with beautiful wild flowers. As I grew up, with the ever-increasing use of pesticides, they had all but disappeared. If anything, we had lost the variety of flowers that made the country so beautiful. I was therefore pleasantly surprised last summer to see that wild flowers seem to have made a come back, at least many of them, including poppies which, as kids, we were not allowed to cut because it meant it would rain the next day! I hope they are here to stay, and I also hope it means less chemicals are sprayed in the fields these days.

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