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Young and bold

As most of you may know, authors have to do much of their book promotion themselves these days. Unless you are famous and have the potential to sell millions of copies, publishers won’t give you much help for book promotion. This is why I have been speaking to schools about my latest novel, “The Wings of Leo Spencer”. To tell the truth, meeting with students and readers is also one of the highlights of being a writer. My audience is 9 to 14 year olds ,who offer a fresh approach to reading and writing that is both exhilarating and liberating. Some of the questions they ask you as an author can be difficult, funny, or surprising. I thought I’d share with you here some of the most interesting questions I’ve had recently by Year 10-11 students during school visits.

  • What does it feel like to be famous? (I wish I knew.)
  • Do you like to use unusual words that nobody uses? (Yes, as long as readers can understand me.)
  • What was it like growing up in France? (Do you have three hours?)
  • Do you get ideas from people you see in the street? (Yes, but also from friends and family.)
  • Is there a sequel to “The Wings of Leo Spencer”? (Let’s focus on this one for the time being, shall we?)
  • When you write, do you feel your novel becomes the real world? (Yes, with angels et al :-))
  • Could you write a book about me? (What a healthy ego!)
  • What is the funniest book you have ever read?
  • Are you going to translate your book into French? (No, thanks.)
  • I’m reading “Twilight” at the moment. Do you think you could fall in love with a vampire? (Sure, why not?)
  • Do you prefer angels or vampire? (I like them both!)
  • What is your goal in life? (Again, I wish I knew!)
  • Have you always wanted to be a writer? (Yes and no, but I am very happy being one…)
  • Do you like visiting schools? (I LOVE IT.)
  • Have you got any advice to give us on writing?

As you can see from this list of questions, I never get bored! I’m definitely looking forward to my next school visit.

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Online book promotion: The French strike again!

While in Paris earlier this month I met with the publisher who is going to publish my latest novel, “Metaphore du rapide”. I’ve written it in French, so it was only natural that I’d be using a French publisher (There are excellent publishers in Canada, Belgium and Switzerland, but I don’t know them well.). We discussed the story, the writing and other aspects of the manuscript, but of course, the conversation quickly moved on to more prosaic aspects of the publishing process, distribution, marketing, and promotion. Authors are usually heavily involved in promoting their books, unless they’re JK Rowling or Stephenie Meyer. We spoke of a book launch, of book signing sessions, press interviews and other events, but I was quite surprised that no mention was made of the Internet. When marketing and promoting works in English, I’ve always been asked by my publishers to establish an electronic presence, ranging from a personal website to this self-indulgent blog or sites such as goodreads.com or authorsden.com. My French publisher smiled when I mentioned this and assured me that no such thing would be required from me for my latest work. The French, as he kindly explained, do not use electronic promotion as much as we do in the Anglo-Saxon world – at least as far as books are concerned. No presence in numerous websites is required. I was shocked, but delighted, I must admit. I love the Net and my rantings on it, but I was more than a little worried about having to duplicate my work in another language. My free time is limited and I was reluctant to see it disappear in a French Web presence. My publisher went on to tell me that the French are not very sensitive to online promotion. As it happens, e-reading is not developed there either. Yet. I doubt this will last. I predict a great future for French e-books, too. But until the French wake up to online book promotion, I can breathe a little.


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