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Ajaccio, Corsica, a jewel in the Mediterranean

I had been to Corsica before, but only to the Northern part of the island: Cap Corse, Calvi, Bastia, and the mountains inside the island, but never to the South. I spent a few hours in Ajaccio last summer and found it as beautiful as the rest of the island. Corsica is also called the “Isle of Beauty” and the name fits is very well. It has beaches and mountains, gorges and plains, bush and forests, rivers and smaller streams, beautifully protected villages, excellent food, nice people and a very interesting wildlife. What more do you want? Driving is usually challenging, especially if you don’t like narrow, winding roads, but the drive is always worth the effort. As for Ajaccio, it lives all things Napoleon, since he was born there in 1769, at the end of the Corsican resistance which was it incorporated into France (It previously belonged to the Republic of Genoa) . There are statues of Bonaparte everywhere, his name is on everything, you can visit the house where he was born, and even sit on the rocks he used to sit on while dreaming of wider horizons. But the town itself remains extremely pretty and very pleasant. Don’t hesitate to drop by!

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