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The Reader

I watched THE READER a few nights ago, the 2008 movie by director Stephen Daldry based on the eponymous book by Bernhard Schlink. I read the book many years ago, which was a good thing because I had forgotten the details of the story, and as a result, I think I enjoyed the film more than if I had seen it straight after reading the book. The story opens in post-world war II Germany when teenager Michael Berg becomes the lover of Hanna, a woman twice his age. They lead a passionate affair, during which Michael reads Hanna stories and novels. But Hanna mysteriously disappears one day and Michael is left heartbroken. Some years later, while Michael is a law student attending Nazi war crime trials, he is confronted to Hanna again. This time she is the accused in the courtroom. Hanna’s terrible past is slowly revealed and Michael is faced with the terrible truth of what Hanna did. The movie is okay. It’s all about atmosphere, and The Reader one of those films where actors say something and their partner looks at them for a long time without saying anything or replies hours later. It’s a bit annoying after a while. Other than that, I enjoyed it. Hanna is played by Kate Winslet, who won an award for her role. The movie also stars Ralph Fiennes, as a much older Michael. I like Fiennes.

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