I enjoy writing plays a lot. They are a natural complement to writing novels, and they are a real team effort when they get produced. The actors, the director and the playwright come together to create something that has a life of itw own.

Full-Length Plays

My Sister’s Choice
Two sisters. Both Deaf. One who signs and one who doesn’t. It’s all very well, until one of them introduces her boyfriend to the other…
A two-act play written for Deaf and hearing audiences, with a mixture of spoken and signed languages
My Sister’s Choice“ is  published on Smashwords and Amazon as an e-book. The play is available for immediate sampling and sale in multiple e-book formats, readable on virtually any e-book reading device at
My sister’s Choice is also available in paperback format at Amazon.
Life after Death
What would you do if your eighty-three year old father told you he was dating someone, shortly after your mother’s passing? And what if he had been doing so for many years?

Short Plays

Love and Light
Tania’s deceased husband has left her with bills to pay, no job and no idea where he stashed the money. Will consulting a Psychic provide her with the answer she seeks?
The Birthday Knife
Never give someone a knife for their birthday… you may end up regretting it.
Guys, Only Guys!
David is about to reincarnate as a gay man… and he is ecstatic. But should he, really?
What if it’s Bad News?
An unopened letter, and the sad news it may contain…
Smell the Roses
Porn and mothers-in-law don’t go well together…
The Chopper
A play about passion, fate, and life choices
The Gene of Truth
A defective gene… and what ensues
For the Love of Men
Gabriel is at it again…. trying to dissuade unsuspecting candidates from becoming gay. But in whose interest, really?
The Review
We’ve all had performance reviews at work… and we all know they can be daunting. Craig had prepared well for his review, but nothing could prepare him for what he was about to experience…
In the Middle of the Night
Brad wakes up in the middle of the night. It’s pitch black and he can’t see a thing. But he can feel something is definitely not right…
It starts with a ‘D’
A day in the life of two very special girls
Bye Mum! Bye Dad!
A last farewell to Grandad and Grandma, or so it seems…
To see where these plays have been produced, check my website.
Guys, Only Guys! and The Birthday Knife were published in the US in 2009 in The Best Ten Minute Plays 2008, 3 or More Actors.
The book can be bought on
First Published: 2010
Publisher: Smith and Kraus
ISBN: 978-1-4523-3101-0
ten minute plays 2012
Love and Light was published in the US in 2012 in The Best Ten Minute Plays 2011
The book can be bought on
First Published: 2012
Publisher: Smith and Kraus
ISBN: 978-1-57525-782-2

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