The Twelve, by Justin Cronin

I’ve just finished reading The Twelve, by Justin Cronin. There are so many reviews of this book around that I’m not going to try and write another one. It’s a great read if you like this kind of story, the invasion of the world by a kind of mutants born out of twelve prisoners who have been injected a virus. In a way the plot is terribly similar to World War Z, the movie featuring Brad Pitt, recently released. The Twelve is the second instalment of a trilogy, after The Passage. I think I preferred The Passage, but The Twelve is good too. What confused me a little was the timing of it all, as one book doesn’t follow the other. The Twelve is both before and after The Passage. Go figure. But it still works. I particularly enjoyed the apocalyptic description of American citizens fleeing their cities invaded by the mutants (the virals). Quite something. One piece of advice though, read The Passage first.

the twelve

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2 responses to “The Twelve, by Justin Cronin

  1. Am I right in thinking these are lengthy books? I’m sure there was something putting me off them.

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