Buried is amazing for more than one reason. First, the whole movie takes place… in a coffin. Yes, you read me right, in a coffin… ninety minutes of action in the restricted space offered by a mere coffin. When you suffer from claustrophobia, as I do, you are sure to be moved by this film. And if you make the mistake of watching it on a plane as I did, the effect is guaranteed! Ninety minutes in a coffin… a boring movie? Not at all. The director, Rodrigo Cortes, did a great job, varying the angles, the light, the atmosphere, while staying true to the story at the same time. Ryan Reynolds plays Paul, an American truck driver who is captured in Irak when the convoy he is driving is attacked. He wakes up buried alive in a coffin and soon realises that his raptors have put a ransom on his head. Paul is also quick to realise that the world is in no hurry to provide him with┬áthe help he is desperate for. An interesting┬ápremise, and one that is explored well in this fantastic movie. We see no one else but Reynolds in the entire film, even if we do hear several other voices. It’s a great performance by Reynolds. Oh, and I was totally taken by surprise by the ending. I literally didn’t see it coming. Duh! I hear you say…. what could happen in a coffin? You’ll have to watch Buried to find out. I won’t be the one telling you…

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